High-Performance Flywheels for Your Harley Davidson Twin Cam Engine


The Problem


With the ever increasing need to add extra horsepower/ torque and hard riding styles there becomes a question on how much your "stock" flywheels can really handle. Most people would expect your motor to last forever, right?

What happens is that the crankshaft, which has two halves pressed together with a common round crankpin, hard riding, burn-outs, even downshifting could cause the crank halves to “scissor" or shift away from each other. The result is excessive vibration and eventually the complete destruction of the engine.

Replacement and repair costs are astronomical!

For example some shops “repair” by realigning and welding the crankpin, yet it can still shift, adding more expense! Also, most new flywheels are not rebuildable and welding the pins only void the warranty.

At P3R we offer an inexpensive solution to your problems! Our solution also allows you to rebuild the unit, if needed.



Our high quality, TwinCam flywheels are affordable alternatives to costly stock flywheel repairs, they will last significantly longer, and will NEVER shift!

We have a number of  test bikes with these flywheels installed, from a 103ci, 110ci CVO Turbo, 120R all the way up to a fire breathing’ 145hp, 124ci monster!

Combined, these test bikes are approaching the 100,000 mile mark and still going strong!

Below are examples of flywheel's that shifted, the one on the right had been re-aligned, welded and it still shifted!

Flywheel Front

Flywheel Back

Order Specifications

We will soon be putting up a price list and an order form. On this form you can fill in the details of your motor for our high-performance replacement flywheels.

We also offer additional components that you can include with your order.

Some of the important specifications we need to know include:

• Year/ Size of the Motorcycle (95, 103, etc.)
• Style (Softail, Touring, i.e.)
• Piston Style/ Weight (for balancing)
• Stroke 
• Stock or Custom Rods

In addition, we will require your old unit, “core”, Screamin Eagle brand units will allow a $50.00 discount with your order.

Packages and Shipping
Shipping is through either FedEx™ Ground or UPS™, express shipping is available for an additional charge.

Unused items may be returned with a return authorization request within 30 days.

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